[TIP] Does nose support suite() method?

Ringo De Smet ringo.desmet at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 04:25:16 PST 2009

Hey Ned,

2009/11/19 Ned Batchelder <ned at nedbatchelder.com>:
> then you can measure test coverage with:
>     coverage run my_test_runner.py foo blah bar

Tnx for the tip!

> I'm sure you have other reasons to move to nose, and you should continue
> with your plans, I just didn't want there to be a misconception about nose
> being a prerequisite for getting coverage measurement.

A number of reasons, small and large, why I'm going forward with nose:

- nose provides a flexible test runner due to the plugin architecture.
For me, this means no custom Python test runner code all over the
place. One system to rule them all. :-)
- the plugin architecture was chosen for its flexibility. In my
function of Release Manager for a small company (not only reporting
but also technical hands-on), I will continue with writing nose
plugins. One example here what I'm aiming for: a database managing the
product requirements, with product requirements mapped to test IDs
(unit, component, system tests). When developers run the tests, the
success/failure status is outputted on the console. When the tests are
run in the continuous integration server, the success/failure state of
tests will be logged to the database based on the tuple (project,
version, test ID). This way, we can easily see, for every product
release, the status of all the functionality, its coverage and the
test results in a single dashboard.



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