[TIP] Does nose support suite() method?

Nicolas Trangez Nicolas.Trangez at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 19 04:57:49 PST 2009

On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 13:25 +0100, Ringo De Smet wrote:
> - the plugin architecture was chosen for its flexibility. In my
> function of Release Manager for a small company (not only reporting
> but also technical hands-on), I will continue with writing nose
> plugins. One example here what I'm aiming for: a database managing the
> product requirements, with product requirements mapped to test IDs
> (unit, component, system tests). When developers run the tests, the
> success/failure status is outputted on the console. When the tests are
> run in the continuous integration server, the success/failure state of
> tests will be logged to the database based on the tuple (project,
> version, test ID). This way, we can easily see, for every product
> release, the status of all the functionality, its coverage and the
> test results in a single dashboard.

Never used it myself, but reading this, Pandokia [1] (and some hacking
on it) might be of interest, in case you don't know it ;-)


[1] https://svn.stsci.edu/trac/ssb/etal/wiki/WikiStart#pandokia

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