[TIP] ANN: kNose 1.1, the Python unit testing extension for Komodo IDE/Edit

Brandon Corfman bcorfman at fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 13 19:51:50 PDT 2007

This release of kNose fixes several bugs with parsing nose output, and I 
hope it solves all the problems that have been reported.
Thanks to Christoph Zwerschke and Arnar Birgisson for their help with 
testing, use cases and patch submissions.

Version 1.1:

    * Added -v option when calling out to nose so that verbose output is
      returned in all cases, and parsing works correctly.
    * Scan URIs for the word 'test' before they are passed to nose to
      increase speed and avoid additional confusion in parsing.
    * Changed parsing for test names to use regular expressions for
      speed and more robust behavior.
    * Improved parsing to handle classes derived from unittest.TestCase

You can download it here at http://mysite.verizon.net/bcorfman/knose.html

kNose is my attempt to make Python unit testing in Komodo as simple as 
possible. It's a GUI front-end for the excellent nose framework written 
by Jason Pellerin.


   * First-class integration into Komodo, your Python IDE of choice. 
(You are using it, aren't you?)   
   * Run tests manually or automatically.
   * Green/red bar, plus a tree view, informs you of the status of your 
   * Ability to jump straight to a failing test at the offending line 
   * All exception traceback information available for debugging.

Best regards,

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