[twill] Working around <br/> issue?

Misha Koshelev misha680 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 12:07:11 PST 2009

Dear Sirs or Madams:

I appreciate all your work on the twill package - it is quite convenient and useful even for a novice like myself.

Unfortunately, I have run into the following issue
when using
go http://www.google.com/voice

after logging in.

The page there does indeed have three instances of <br/> tag which is known to cause this behavior.

I obviously am not able to alter this website. However, I was wondering is there either:
(a) a way to query-replace all <br/> with <br /> _before_ twill parses a website or,
(b) I can do this from a shell script fairly easily. Is there a mechanism, analogous to save_html,
to _input_ an HTML file into twill, say like load_html?

Thank you so much!

Sincerely yours
Misha Koshelev

p.s. Please reply all if possible.

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