[twill] <form> not parsed on Ubuntu 7.10 but works on WinXP

Luis Bruno me at lbruno.org
Thu Nov 22 04:26:56 PST 2007

Hello everyone,

I think I've stepped on a bug in python-mechanize's Ubuntu package,
but I'm not sure how to track it down and be sure about it. I'm trying
to submit the login form at EuroParts_, but twill.commands.fv asserts
the form isn't there.

I've built a wininst for twill-0.9b1. This works.

But I'm leveraging the prebuilt python-twill (0.9b1) on Ubuntu, which
depends on the python-mechanize (0.1.6b) package. This doesn't work.
"easy_install twill" solves my problem.

Was something corrected in the bundled mechanize that wasn't merged
upstream? How do I go about finding what's wrong?

_: http://www.euro-parts.com/en/homeboutique.aspx

Luis Bruno

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