[twill] Twill comments

titus@caltech.edu titus at caltech.edu
Wed Feb 15 10:08:34 PST 2006

-> Twill is wonderful!  Thanks so much for such a useful tool.  A couple  
-> of notes:


-> 1.  I had a few snags when installing twill with ez_setup.py.  I've  
-> documented how I did it here:
-> http://crasch.livejournal.com/403022.html#cutid1
-> The biggest problem was not knowing where easy_install installed twill.

OK, I'll update the docs.

I like the comment ;).

-> 2.  In a similar vein, I would like to install twill's unit tests.   
-> According to the instructions here;
-> http://darcs.idyll.org/~t/projects/twill/doc/developer.html
-> "...To run them, type 'python setup.py test' in the top package  
-> directory."
-> Assuming I've installed twill with easy_install, what constitutes the  
-> top of the package directory?   Or do those instructions only apply  
-> if you've installed via the tarball?

Right now, the tests aren't installed by setup.py.  Should they be?

-> 3.  Feature request:  I'm trying to test an existing web site with a  
-> complicated design.  It is frequently difficult to tell via visual  
-> inspection of the html which page twill has actually retrieved.   
-> Therefore, I would find it handy if there were an 'open' command that  
-> opened the downloaded html in a specified external browser.
-> i.e. open <page> <browser>
-> Where <page> is a url/file and browser is a path to a browser.   If  
-> no <page> is specified it opens the last retrieved page.  If no  
-> <browser> is specified, it opens with the last specified browser.  If  
-> no <page> has been downloaded yet, or no <browser> has been  
-> previously specified, then it returns an error.

Hmm.  There's actually a webbrowser start API in Python:


Would a simple interface to this suffice?


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