[twill] Can't login to MySpace

William K. Volkman wkvsf at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Aug 6 07:06:34 PDT 2006

On Sat, 2006-08-05 at 23:18 -0400, twill.overbored at spamgourmet.com
> Hi all, I'm writing this simple script to log into MySpace:
> go('http://myspace.com/')
> fv('theForm', 'email', 'myname at myhost')
> fv('theForm', 'password', 'mypassword')
> submit()

>> showforms

Form name=srch
## ## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________
1     q                        text      (None)
2  1  None                     submit    submitBtn    Search
3     t                        hidden    (None)       tweb
4     SearchBoxID              hidden    (None)       SplashHeader
5     fuseaction               hidden    (None)       advancedFind.hub

Form name=theForm
## ## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________
1     email                    text      email
2     password                 password  password
3     Remember                 checkbox  checkbox     [] of ['Remember']
4  1  ctl00$Main$SplashDis ... image     ctl00_Ma ...

current page: http://myspace.com

Perhaps it would help to tell twill what form to submit.

If that doesn't do it perhaps digging deeper into what the onClick is
(although on the surface it doesn't appear too complex):

Note: I don't have a myspace page and no interest in creating one so
I didn't take it further.


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