[twill] Twill not capable of handling multiple form fields with the

Jeff Forcier jeff at bitprophet.org
Tue Apr 18 14:49:21 PDT 2006

I'm pretty sure my problem is also b); if I do not use twill to try
and manipulate the dropdowns (they have default values) then twill
itself works fine. Once the data passes through twill, yes, what
should be three values becomes just one value, in this case the
selected value of the last/third dropdown.

So yea, if you have that patch handy, I definitely wouldn't mind
taking a peek at it to see if it looks like it'd address my particular
issue. I haven't yet used darcs; when you say "the tests" I assume you
mean twill's own tests?


On 4/18/06, Stephen Thorne <stephen at thorne.id.au> wrote:

> This is a bug that I've encountered before.
> There are two seperate problems iirc:
> a) All selectfields with the same name have their options mashed together.
> b) You can only access a single inputfield when there are multiple with the same name.
> I have a patch for (b) that I use, which I can share. I don't think I have a solution for (a).
> Do you know how to use darcs? A patch containing updates to the tests (the tests would obviously fail) would be a good way of explaining the exact behaviour you want.
> Stephen.

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