[twill] Twill not capable of handling multiple form fields with the

Stephen Thorne stephen at thorne.id.au
Tue Apr 18 14:42:15 PDT 2006

On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 14:54:45 -0400, Jeff Forcier <jeff at bitprophet.org> wrote:
>The only solution that has presented itself to me (other than simply
>not testing any forms on my site which use date controls...which will
>be many) is to wade into the ClientForm code and hack it to support
>"my" way of doing things. Can anyone think of something else I could
>try before I commit to this? Is there something I should be doing
>differently in my  usage of twill?

This is a bug that I've encountered before.

There are two seperate problems iirc:

a) All selectfields with the same name have their options mashed together.
b) You can only access a single inputfield when there are multiple with the same name.

I have a patch for (b) that I use, which I can share. I don't think I have a solution for (a).

Do you know how to use darcs? A patch containing updates to the tests (the tests would obviously fail) would be a good way of explaining the exact behaviour you want.


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