[twill] Converter for Selenium HTML to Twill language or mechanize source code

Martin Blais blais at furius.ca
Tue Apr 11 20:57:05 PDT 2006


I've been fiddling with Selenium recently, and I find it's a lot of
fun to have a recorder for tests.

In my current web app setup, I've been using mechanize with a lot of
hand-written tests.  Even with all the niceties of mechanize, I find
myself still being a bit lazy on writing tests.

Would it not be fun to have some tool to convert the Selenium HTML
files recorded with the Firefox plugin into Python twill code or
Python mechanize code, to get started on writing new test cases?
The resulting code could be improved by hand to produce the final
tests and to be run outside the browser without a complicated setup
like what was shown by Titus and Grig at PyCon 2006.

This script could be completely independent from Selenium.  It could
simply parse the HTML file and output twill source, or mechanize
source code.  It does not require any complex recorder setup (that's
already taken care of by Selenium).

Anyway, has anyone done that for Twill?  In other words, has anyone
written a Selenium HTML to Twill code converter?  (If not I think
I'm about to write one.)


PS  Please Cc to blais at furius.ca, I'm not on the list.

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