[twill] Twill and SSL client authientication support

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Sep 18 22:19:02 PDT 2005

-> > I honestly don't know much about this use of SSL! How would it work
-> > from a Web browser? I've never needed a client certificate before.
-> Basically, you get a certificate (stored in a file) from a certification 
-> authority. It is added to a keystore that stores your private and public 
-> keys along with your certificate.
-> Whenever a web site wants to authenticate you using a client certificate, a 
-> dialog pops up asking you to choose which certificate you would like to use 
-> to authenticate.
-> Every modern web browser is able to do this. 
-> As a employee of a company that develops a PKI which uses a web user 
-> interface, i use client side authentificatin daily.

I guess I don't interact with any Web sites that use it!

-> >I expect it would be relatively easy to add commands to retrieve, parse,
-> > and check the server certificate.
-> I think so. I'm currently trying evaluate the best solution to setup an 
-> automated web testing framework in our company, and i could implement this 
-> if we choose Twill.

>From this site:


I don't think it would be tough to implement.


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