[twill] Form action value accessible

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Wed Nov 9 22:42:24 PST 2005

-> Hello Titus,
-> On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 23:07, Titus Brown wrote:
-> > -> Most of the sites that I would like to automate access to heavily
-> > -> use JavaScript to drive things.   Of course everything it does
-> > -> is pretty transparent and why they do it is a mystery since
-> > -> straight forward methods work just as well (why have 3 submit
-> > -> buttons who's onClick method changes the default submit button's
-> > -> value and then submit the form...).  Anyway what I was looking
-> > -> for was a way to modify the forms action field, should I add
-> > -> a command for that?  Or how else would you like to approach it.
-> > 
-> > if you can come up with a general mechanism, I'd be happy to include it.
-> > In the simplest case, you can probably just edit form.action directly;
-> > a cursory examination of the ClientForm code supports that ;).
-> I thought I would basically follow your formvalue pattern, i.e.
-> there would be a "formaction" command with a "fa" alias.
-> I would also tweak utils.print_form to display the current
-> form action.  (I'll do this probably tomorrow as I've got
-> to get *SOME* sleep ;-)

Sounds good to me, esp the 'showforms' patch.

I'm a bit worried about adding commands that aren't directly useful for
Web testing, but I think the way to deal with that is to first put them
in and then categorize them in some future release ;).


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