[twill] Error with showforms again

William K. Volkman wkvsf at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Dec 13 13:35:13 PST 2005

Hi Peri,
On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 13:40, Peri Cumali wrote:
> On this page
> http://www.playfirst.com/cart.html
> I get the following error when I use showforms (with or with out tidy)
> ERROR:  start of INPUT before start of FORM
> Not sure ahy it's balking but would like to know.  Also even a python 
> workaround would be nice so that I can submit a coupon code

I've not checked the site however I've seen this problem with
mechanize before.  The problem is that mechanize demands
well formed HTML including the nesting.  They probably have
form fields outside of a form tag, which the browsers tolerate
and just move forward.  Another variant of this problem is
the location of submit buttons and multiple start of form
tags.  https://www.bankone.com/ has two start form tags
and only one close form tag.  I've submitted problem reports
every 3 months for the last year and they still haven't
fixed it.  I finally used beautiful soup to replace the
form parsing in mechanize with something a little more
tolerant.   I'm not sure if titus would like a patch
to include that tolerance in twill or not.


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