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Ceasar Bautista cbautista2010 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 09:40:29 PST 2015

This question is primarily directed at Holger, but I've been doing some
research on Python testing tools and have been having trouble answering
some simple questions:

- Why is Tox called "tox"? Neither the docs nor the initial announcement
include an explanation.

- What was the motivation behind Tox? I'm guessing it had much to do with
testing PyPy across multiple Python interpreters, but could be wrong. In
Holger's talk at PyGrunn 2013, it sounded like another motivation was to
unify how tests were run, though I'm not sure that can be the only reason
since Tox is also an improvement over many ways of running tests since it
takes care of dependencies nicely.
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