[TIP] pytest-xdist-1.10 released (distributed testing plugin)

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Wed Jan 29 05:15:42 PST 2014

Hi all,

also released pytest-xdist-1.11 with some little improvements 
and speedups regarding overheads for distributing tests
(maybe 10%, not too much).

Install it with:

    pip install -U pytest-xdist

and checkout the pypi page:




- add glob support for rsyncignores, add command line option to pass
  additional rsyncignores. Thanks Anatoly Bubenkov.

- fix pytest issue382 - produce "pytest_runtest_logstart" event again
  in master. Thanks Aron Curzon.

- fix pytest issue419 by sending/receiving indices into the test
  collection instead of node ids (which are not neccessarily unique
  for functions parametrized with duplicate values)

- send multiple "to test" indices in one network message to a slave
  and improve heuristics for sending chunks where the chunksize
  depends on the number of remaining tests rather than fixed numbers.
  This reduces the number of master -> node messages (but not the
  reverse direction)

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