[TIP] ShiningPanda: Hosted Continuous Integration for Python

Olivier Mansion olivier.mansion at shiningpanda.com
Thu Sep 16 05:27:58 PDT 2010

We would like to get some early feedback about our new web service,
ShiningPanda: Hosted Continuous Integration for Python.


We are providing a dead simple service so that you can build, test and
deploy your various Python projects, without having to care about setting up
servers, databases, build tools, reporting, etc. This includes of course web
projects based on django, web.py, werkzeug, etc., but also the associated
functional tests based on Selenium.

We are planning to enter into private beta soon, so if you would like to
participate, please let us know. If you feel like telling us about what your
dream integration service would be like, let us know too, we really want to
hear about what our (future) users want!

Best regards,
The Shining Panda Team
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