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Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Jun 18 07:56:40 PDT 2009

Yannick Gingras wrote:
> Greeting Python Testers, 
>   the scope of my inquiry is a bit broader than just testing but since
> testing is a major entry point for new issues, I assume that some of
> you can help me find the tools that we are looking for.
> We are looking for an issue tracker that deals well with iterative
> development.  The ideal tool will automatically compute our velocity

One of our developers wrote a plugin for Trac that does this based on 
estimated and actual days taken which are put into tickets when they are 

> and will automatically plan the next iteration given only priorities
> for open issues.  

We don't do this but we do use a voting plugin for Trac which allows us 
to do a search showing tickets ordered by most votes.

> One alternative is for the tool to let the project
> manager plan the iteration by hand but to warn him if he puts in more
> stuff that can fit in the iteration given the current team velocity.
> We are also looking for a way to have sub-projects and sub-tickets
> that can be looked at independently but that will be summed up together
> when looking at the higher level road-map.

We handle sub-projects by having different 'Components' on tickets. Each 
ticket is assigned to a Component.

I've not done any of the configuration /  extending of Trac so can't be 
*much* more specific but it does sound like it *could* do most of what 
you want.


> Trac offers some of these features with add-on modules but the
> sub-project support is not very good.  Redmine has sub-project but the
> way it is implemented makes it almost unusable for planing purpose
> since versions can't be share between sub-projects.  Let me give you
> an example.  If you implement the Frobnoz application than has both a
> Data-Import and Billing sub system, the Redmine tickets for version
> 25.0.1 of the billing sub system won't show up in the Frobnoz road-map
> since Redmine treats billing-25.0.1 and frobnoz-25.0.1 and two
> completely unrelated software versions.
> On the other hand, both Trac and Redmine are very good if you only use
> them as bugtracker.  I'm sure that there is a tool out there that is
> booth good at a bugtracker and as a feature planner.  Do you guys have
> any recommendations?  Any of you using different tools for bugtracking
> and for project planning?  Are there any combinations that plays well
> together?
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