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> Hi all,
> I think I'm going to do a comparison of CI tools soon, and I wanted to
> know what people are using in their Python projects.  So far I'm
> planning on looking at these three:
> Hudson
> CruiseControl
> buildbot

We created our own (python wrappers around various things) starting 
about 6 years ago and extended it when we discovered we wanted 
something more.  By the end of 6 years of incremental evolution, I
think it was a wonderful solution for our needs.

We were purchased about 2 years ago and switched from the product 
line that used that home grown server to an entirely new product line.  
The team already on the new product line had chosen 
CruiseControl.NET.  It worked well enough for their needs.  We found 
it difficult to manage and somewhat resistant to change.

We experimented with Hudson and found it much easier to manage 
than CruiseControl.NET.  We're using Hudson now and are still 
finding it easier to manage than CruiseControl.NET.

Hudson is not as well tuned to our specific needs as the home grown 
solution was, but it was up and running in much less time and effort 
than our home grown solution.

We traded "perfectly suited to our needs" for "meets most of our 
needs sooner".

Mark Waite

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