[TIP] Nosejobs!

Jesse Noller jnoller at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 08:21:04 PDT 2009

Before I go and reinvent the wheel, I wanted to ping everyone and see
if anyone using nose had done any work to be able to remotely submit
jobs to a machine w/ nose installed.

Basically, rather than sshing/logging into a remote machine, I want to
be able to submit a "job" to the client, which will be run via nose on
the client. The job would consist of a nose.cfg, a tarball of test
code and an additional configuration describing the system under test.

A client would submit the job and receive a job ID (uuid) for that
job, the client could then poll the client until results become
available, check the status of the job, and so on.

The actual daemon would be simple: given a job, unpack the tarball,
run the tests with the provided configuration, package results from
nose, and set a token indicating that results for <uuid> were

The only requirements would be that python, nose and any nose plugins
you want would need to be pre-installed on the client. The daemon
would need to be running. Everything else could be bootstrapped within
the job.

This is a really rough idea derived from previous work I've done. The
second part is to be able to include a "product build" within the job,
and add a plugin which allows for the product to be
installed/configured and then have the tests executed.


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