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Sun Apr 5 20:45:40 PDT 2009

>From: testing-in-python-bounces at lists.idyll.org (on behalf of "C. Titus Brown" <ctb at msu.edu>)
>On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 09:28:36PM -0400, Douglas Philips wrote:
>-> On or about 2009 Apr 5, at 1:10 PM, Vicki indited:
>-> > For me at least, this is irrelevant. Zero dependencies beats N  
>-> > dependencies
>-> > hands down, no matter how easy it is to install and manage the N  
>-> > dependencies.
>-> Agreed.
>-> I think that is the argument Titus is making against breaking up twill  
>-> into separately installable/dependent pieces too. He has a blog post  
>-> touching on this: http://ivory.idyll.org/blog/apr-09/pursuing-simplicity
>Little known fact: Vicki and I are actually the same person; she's just
>me a few years down the road, when I/we've actually implemented the
>stuff I/we want to implement and integrated it into something useful.

Hee! I am duly honored.

But much of the credit for actually implementing and integrating 
Pandokia goes to my partner in crime, Mark Sienkiewicz, also here 
at STScI. Which I probably forgot to make clear during the lightning talk. Woops!


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