[TIP] ANN: py.test / py lib 0.9.2

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Fri Aug 22 04:06:39 PDT 2008

Welcome to the 0.9.2 py lib and py.test release -
mainly fixing Windows issues, providing better
packaging and integration with setuptools.

Summry of main features:

* py.test: cross-project testing tool with many advanced features
* py.execnet: ad-hoc code distribution to SSH, Socket and local sub processes
* py.magic.greenlet: micro-threads on standard CPython ("stackless-light")
* py.path: path abstractions over local and subversion files
* rich documentation of py's exported API
* tested against Linux, Win32, OSX, works on python 2.3-2.6

good entry points: 

Pypi pages: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/py/
Download/Install: http://codespeak.net/py/0.9.2/download.html
Documentation/API:  http://codespeak.net/py/0.9.2/index.html

the CHANGELOG excerpt for the 0.9.1 -> 0.9.2 transition: 

* refined installation and metadata, created new setup.py, 
  now based on setuptools/ez_setup (thanks to Ralf Schmitt 
  for his support).

* improved the way of making py.* scripts available in 
  windows environments, they are now added to the 
  Scripts directory as ".cmd" files. 

* py.path.svnwc.status() now is more complete and 
  uses xml output from the 'svn' command if available
  (Guido Wesdorp)

* fix for py.path.svn* to work with svn 1.5
  (Chris Lamb)

* fix path.relto(otherpath) method on windows to 
  use normcase for checking if a path is relative.

* py.test's traceback is better parseable from editors 
  (follows the filenames:LINENO: MSG convention)
  (thanks to Osmo Salomaa)

* fix to javascript-generation, "py.test --runbrowser" 
  should work more reliably now

* removed previously accidentally added 
  py.test.broken and py.test.notimplemented helpers. 

* there now is a py.__version__ attribute

best and have fun,

holger krekel

collaborative expert contracting: http://merlinux.eu 
PyPy  Python/Compiler tool chain: http://codespeak.net/pypy 
pylib py.test/greenlets/svn APIs: http://pylib.org 

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