[TIP] Robot Framework 2.0.1 with Quick start guide and Easy Install support

Pekka Laukkanen peke at iki.fi
Mon Aug 25 15:25:06 PDT 2008

Hello fellow Pythonistas!

We just released a new Robot Framework [1] version today. It comes
with Easy Install support so installation is as easy as saying
'easy_install robotframewok'. (In Windows you need to run the
post-install script manually afterwards, though. See user guide [2]
for details.)

The biggest new "feature" of this release is Quick Start Guide [3],
which both introduces the most important features and acts as an
executable demo. If you are interested in high level acceptance
testing the guide is definitely worth checking out.

    peke & rest of the development tem

[1] http://robotframework.org
[2] http://robotframework.googlecode.com/svn/tags/robotframework-2.0.1/doc/userguide/RobotFrameworkUserGuide.html#installation-and-uninstallation
[3] http://code.google.com/p/robotframework/wiki/QuickStartGuide

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