[TIP] nosetty! (gezunteit)

Kumar McMillan kumar.mcmillan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 20:53:32 PDT 2007

Dear fellow python testineers...

While running nosetests, I got tired of bouncing between my shell and
editor, jumping to the methods in a traceback.  But I prefer running
tests in the shell then in my editor itself.  So ... I did what any
other nose-hacker would do in such a situation, I wrote a plugin!
Here is the tagline:

nosetty: A plugin to run nosetests more interactively

As the vague sumnmary implies, It does several things, but essentially
it stops on an error/failure and asks if you want to edit a point in
the traceback.  There is a slightly more elaborate explanation of this
and some info on general usage (and even a screenshot!) here:

But I'm writing because I need your help.  If all this is enough for
you to install the plugin and figure out how to get it working for
your editor of choice then please add a note to the wiki:

Alternatively, if your editor doesn't provide an easy/efficient way of
forking off a process to your windowing environment, like TextMate
does (my weapon of choice), then I'm curious to know about it.  Either
email me or submit an issue.

happy hacking,

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