[TIP] Fitnesse testing

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Thu Mar 15 12:07:19 PDT 2007

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 08:20:55AM -0700, Grig Gheorghiu wrote:
-> --- David Montgomery <davidlmontgomery at gmail.com> wrote:
-> > Not long ago on this list Grig wrote "glad I managed to convince
-> > you of the utility of Fitnesse", and he mentioned that PyFIT/Fitnesse
-> > was included in Grig's and Titus' testing tutorial at PyCon.
-> > 
-> > On the other hand, during PyCon I noted that Titus said (during
-> > the testing tools panel, I think) that he thought the entire idea
-> > behind Fitnesse was misguided or misconceived.  Something like
-> > that.

I seem to have said a lot of things during that conference... ;)

-> First of all, I don't recall Titus expressing his opinion of Fitnesse
-> in those strong terms :-) It's true he's not its biggest fan either. 
-> I hope others on the list who have tried using it and either liked it
-> or hated it will jump in with their opinions too.
-> First of all, let me say that Fitnesse is a tester's tool more than a
-> programmer's tool. Its purpose is to express acceptance tests as
-> 'customer-facing tests' -- as opposed to unit tests, which are
-> 'programmer-facing tests' (Brian Marick came up with these terms I
-> believe). 

Yeah, what you said.  As a programmer I found it less useful for
organizing tests, etc. than nose.  I think testers find it a very useful
way to communicate concepts between programmers and customers, however.


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