[TIP] TDD project Management Software

Grig Gheorghiu grig at gheorghiu.net
Wed Mar 7 12:07:54 PST 2007

--- Nate Lowrie <solodex2151 at gmail.com> wrote:

> What is everyone using for their project management software.  I am
> having trouble finding much of anything that is for agile development
> that is not commercial.  I found xtremeplanner and TargetProcess but
> would like to use an open source solution if one presents itself.
> Thoughts or suggestions?

I used Trac very successfully to track iterations, stories (as
tickets), milestones, etc. Matt Good had a talk at PyCon about using
Trac for agile development, but he hasn't published his slides on the
PyCon site. I'll ask him to send them to the group.


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