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Raphael Marvie raphael.marvie at lifl.fr
Wed Mar 7 12:02:17 PST 2007


I am using a hand made one that is far from complete but that we are 
improving during our current project to match our needs. Before doing 
this work I quickly look at xplanner.org which is open source.

I am not sure it is what you are looking at for TDD project management 
as agile project management does not directly deal with TDD. (Do you 
expect the software you are seeking to include the tests to pass?)

My 2 cents,


Nate Lowrie wrote:
> What is everyone using for their project management software.  I am
> having trouble finding much of anything that is for agile development
> that is not commercial.  I found xtremeplanner and TargetProcess but
> would like to use an open source solution if one presents itself.
> Thoughts or suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Nate L.
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