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Dirk Hain dirkhain at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 24 13:55:26 PDT 2013

I am fairly new to using twill (3 days down so far) and was wondering if/how https handling is supported. I am using twill through the zenoss integration but am testing all my scripts through twill-sh (twill v0.9). This is all on RedHat 6.4.
I am trying to access a resource through https but when sending the request I am getting back a 500 in twill even though it works just fine in chrome/ff.
This is the (anonymized) script I am running:
current page:  *empty page*>> go https://mysshside.com/csrsend: 'GET /csr HTTP/1.1\r\nAccept-Encoding: identity\r\nHost: mysshside.com\r\nConnection: close\r\nAccept: text/html; */*\r\n\r\n'reply: 'HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error\r\n'header: Cache-control: no-cache="set-cookie"header: Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8header: Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 20:49:33 GMTheader: Server: nginx/1.2.3 + Phusion Passenger 3.0.17 (mod_rails/mod_rack)header: Set-Cookie: AWSELB=BD0F21D514BAD7C5E0A05D5562B6EB2E7DA2E1DDD21A495168D65BC9137C7FAE51663423F30A04FF3371A64FCC560E49FBFAF96563D69094CA71AC20A3AE9CB0EDF2BB3A48;PATH=/;MAX-AGE=1200header: Status: 500header: X-Powered-By: Phusion Passenger (mod_rails/mod_rack) 3.0.17header: X-Rack-Cache: missheader: X-Request-Id: a03e3163709ebef935a5bed19074a0e7header: X-Runtime: 0.125581header: Content-Length: 656header: Connection: Close==> at https://mysshside.com/csrcurrent page: https://mysshside.com/csr>> info
Page information:	URL: https://mysshside.com/csr	HTTP code: 500	Content type: text/html; charset=utf-8 (HTML)	Page title: C3 Commercial
current page: https://mysshside.com/csr 
Any help or maybe a link to a working example would be greatly appreciated. As you can see above the resource is behind a load balancer. 

Many Thanks, 

- Dirk 
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