[twill] retwill - a fork of twill

Adam Victor Nazareth Brandizzi brandizzi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 09:28:59 PDT 2012

Hello, all.

I needed some functionalities in twill so I forked it to a project
named retwill. This can be found in BitBucket[1]

The changelog explains the changes:

 * it now accepts non string values in dollar expressions (so you can
write ${1} instead of ${str(1)})
 * find/notfind command can search by elements with XPath
 * the output is better controllable now: retwill supports log levels,
log redirecting and output redirecting
 * you can use an specific tidy command (so you can e.g. compile the
tidy-html5 (https://github.com/w3c/tidy-html5) and config it to do not
remove the damned empty <option> tags from your <selects>)

 Note that it includes the excellent updates from Jonathan Rogers.

It is available in PyPI too (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/retwill) so
you can install it via easy_install/pip:

  $ pip install retwill

...at least in theory. I am a setuptools noob and may have made some errors.

I hope it can be helpful to you :)

[1] It is mirrored in github too: https://github.com/brandizzi/retwill

Adam Victor Nazareth Brandizzi

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