[twill] Downloading a .zip file

Avi Bar Massada barmassada at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 16 09:03:25 PST 2011

Thanks Adam,

I followed your suggestion, but when I try to open the downloaded zip 
file it gives me an "unsupported compression method" error. BTW, if I 
save the file without the .zip suffix, and open it from its new 
location, it prompts me straight to the download dialogue box.

> Well, if you can know the name of the file, you can follow the link
> after going to the page:
>>> go http://data.gbif.org/download/downloadReady.htm?downloadFile=occurrence-search-12978055989365071032693658999911.zip
>>> showlinks
> Links:
> 0. Skip to Content ==>  #mainContent
> [...]
> 11. Original search ==>
> /occurrences/search.htm?c[0].s=19&c[0].p=0&c[0].o=121.8W,44.9N,121.7W,45.0N&c[1].s=5&c[1].p=0&c[1].o=US
> 12. occurrence-search-12978055989365071032693658999911.zip (approx
> file size 1 KB) ==>
> /download/occurrence-search-12978055989365071032693658999911.zip
> 13. GBIF ==>  http://www.gbif.org
> 14. Contact us ==>  mailto:portal at gbif.org
>>> follow occurrence-search-12978055989365071032693658999911.zip
>>> save_html occur.zip
> Is that possible?
> I use to give names to all links in my apps just for access them
> though twill and other automated tools. Maybe you can ease your work
> doing it  if you are the creator of this site :)

I wish I was, but I'm not...
>> Thanks a lot,
> You're welcome!

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