[twill] Downloading a .zip file

Avi Bar Massada barmassada at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 16 07:20:04 PST 2011


I've been using twill with a python script to automate downloads from 
web-based databases. Until now, I only needed to fetch text files, so it 
was pretty simple. I've been using:

go("web address")
b = twill.get_browser()
data = b.result.get_page()

Now, I'm trying to fetch data from a different website, which generates 
a link to a .zip file. Given that I know the direct URL to the zip file, 
would it be possible to download it directly using twill? Clicking on 
the link in the actual page opens a download dialogue box. Is there any 
way to bypass it and just get the file directly?

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