[twill] Getting Started with Scotch Recorder

Mart Doyle mdoyle at temple.edu
Wed Oct 27 15:02:08 PDT 2010

Thanks for the pointers that I received from a number of members from this
list.  I've got twill installed and I can do VERY basic navigation of VERY
basic web sites.  I'm making headway but very slowly.  I am hoping that you
can provide a little additional guidance and direction.  When they don't
work I'm totally in the dark.  I need a tool to give me insight into what is
going on when things are working.  Based on a few of your tips, I've been
trying to get the scotch recorder running to provide this insight but again,
progress has been VERY slow because I really don't have a clue what I'm
doing and I spend a lot of time fumbling around.  


I downloaded the scotch package and fumbled my way through getting the
packaged unpacked using a combination of GZip and Tar.  I then ran "setup.py
install" which I believe installed the scotch package.  Does it sound like I
am heading down the right path?


I've read through the scotch documentation and am not making any headway
using the tool.  What I am trying to do is fire up Firefox, go to a web
site, login to an application to verify the application is running, and then
closedown Firefox.  I am hoping that scotch will let me record what is going
on within Firefox so I can use the information in the recording to develop a
twill script which will do the exact same thing and let me monitor if the
application is up and at least responding to login attempts.  Is that one of
the ways to utilize the scotch recorder?


I'm stuck trying to figure out how to fire up the scotch recorder to do
this.  One of the scotch recipes seems to point me in the right direction
with giving directions for running a web proxy, recording WSGI traffic, and
displaying your recording but I'm really not sure what I do with the lines
of code the recipe provides.  Do I just fire up the Python interpreter and
cut/paste this code into the interpreter?  How do I get this recorder
running, go through my transactions in Firefox, and then view what was
recorded.  I am not finding the documentation terribly useful for a new
user.  Any advice would be appreciated.




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