[twill] Type=button vs. Type=submit

Mart Doyle mdoyle at temple.edu
Tue Nov 2 12:34:37 PDT 2010



When I am looking at a form, what is the difference between an item which is
of Type=button vs. Type=submit?  


I've been tinkering with Twill the last few days and have been able to use
the "submit" command to logically press buttons and navigate through some
simple web sites.  When I use the showforms command, these buttons are
always listed as type "submit" and they all seem to work fine via the
"submit" command.


I just came across a new issue.  On the following form I would like to
logically press the button on "Form #1" named "None".  When I issue the
"submit None" command I receive the error message, 'IgnoreControl instance
has no attribute '_click''


What does this mean?  How do I press this button?



==> at https://tuportal3.temple.edu/cp/home/displaylogin


Form #1

## ## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________

1     None                     button    login_btn    None

2     forgetPass               hidden    forgetPass



Form name=userid (#2)

## ## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________

1     user                     text      user



Form name=cplogin (#3)

## ## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________

1     pass                     password  pass

2     user                     hidden    (None)

3     uuid                     hidden    (None)


AT LINE: TUPortal.Temple.Edu.txt:21

AT LINE: TUPortal.Temple.Edu.txt:22

AT LINE: TUPortal.Temple.Edu.txt:23

form field is read-only or ignorable; nothing done.

AT LINE: TUPortal.Temple.Edu.txt:24

Note: submit is using submit button: name="None", value="None"


EXCEPTION raised at line 24 of 'TUPortal.Temple.Edu.txt'


      submit None


Error message: 'IgnoreControl instance has no attribute '_click''



** UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: IgnoreControl instance has no attribute '_click'




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