[twill] parse_keqv_list not imported, bypass proxy for local addresses

Marco De Paoli depaolim at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 04:04:35 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,
this is my first mail to the list

First of all congratulations for the great work done on Twill!

I'm using twill 0.9 installed with easy_install on a Windows box.
I have had a little problem to handle site authentication

In order to make it work I modified _auth.py. I added these two lines:

from urllib2 import parse_keqv_list, parse_http_list
import time, os, random

Am I missing something? Is it a known bug?

The second is a more subtle problem...

I use a proxy to access internet but I need to bypass it for local addresses
(ex. localhost).

Now, Twill manages correctly the proxy via ProxyHandler

Twill recognizes correctly the proxy presence and activates automatically a
But ProxyHandler doesn't permit to bypass local addresses.

I resolved disabling explicity the proxy handler:

b = get_browser()
b._browser._replace_handler( "_proxy" )

But this seems to me a hack...
Any other idea?

thanks in advance for any answer or hint,
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