[twill] Converting interactive session to code

Jamal Mazrui Jamal.Mazrui at fcc.gov
Fri Feb 12 16:28:07 PST 2010

I found the line that was causing twill not to get a form object.  It is
line 183 in what I think is the latest feedparser.py module.
Apparently, this line changes a variable in the sgmllib module with the
following code:

sgmllib.endbracket = EndBracketMatch()

It happens that this change causes twill parsing to fail on the page in
my example, even though it did not affect other pages where I was also
using forms.  So, the problem was not actually related to how I imported
twill in the py2exe executable.  It occurred because that executable
also imported feedparser, whereas my test script for debugging did not.

If I comment out the above line, twill works as expected.  I do not know
what side effects that may cause.  If anyone has suggestions for getting
the full functionality of feedparser without this side effect, plese let
us know.


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