[twill] Converting interactive session to code

Jamal Mazrui Jamal.Mazrui at fcc.gov
Fri Feb 5 10:45:38 PST 2010

Hi Jesse,
I'm using the latest twill, though have now discovered that the problem
is somewhere in how my Windows executable is being built with py2exe.  I
subsequently found that the code does, indeed, work as a script to
python.exe.  Oddly, however, it fails in my executable.  Other uses of
the formvalue command in the same executable are working, so I am
baffled.  I'll keep experimenting with how the twill-related modules are
imported by py2exe.

Thanks for the help of you and others.


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Hi Jamal,

I was able to reproduce your example without a TwillAssertionError,
using twill version 0.9.  I'm not sure what the problem is.  Which
version of Twill are you using?


On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 11:09 AM, Jamal Mazrui <Jamal.Mazrui at fcc.gov>

	I'm trying to automate a Wikipedia search using Google to find
the best
	matching article.  I have things working in an interactive
session with
	the twill shell, but for some reason, the code is not finding
the Google
	search form -- I get the error
"twill.errors.TwillAssertionError: no
	matching forms!"
	Here is the relevant code:
	sQuery = 'Python'
	sAddress = 'http://google.com'
	oBrowser = twill.get_browser()
	twill.commands.formvalue(1, 'q', 'site:wikipedia.org ' + sQuery
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