[twill] Unhandled exception with no details

Chuck Esterbrook chuck.esterbrook at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 21:36:19 PDT 2010


I have a small twill script that often outputs this:

twill-sh -u http://localhost:1515/ basics.twill

>> EXECUTING FILE basics.twill
0 of 1 files SUCCEEDED.

As you can see, there are no line number and no details about the
exception. Rerunning it might give the same output or it might work
even though no changes have been made to the script or site, like so:

twill-sh -u http://localhost:1515/ basics.twill

>> EXECUTING FILE basics.twill
==> at http://localhost:1515/Account/SignIn
AT LINE: basics.twill:0
AT LINE: basics.twill:2
AT LINE: basics.twill:3
title is 'Sign In'.
AT LINE: basics.twill:4
AT LINE: basics.twill:5
AT LINE: basics.twill:6
AT LINE: basics.twill:7
AT LINE: basics.twill:9
==> at http://localhost:1515/Account/Register
AT LINE: basics.twill:10
title is 'Register'.
AT LINE: basics.twill:12

History: (1 pages total)
        1. http://localhost:1515/Account/SignIn

AT LINE: basics.twill:14

There are 0 cookie(s) in the cookiejar.

1 of 1 files SUCCEEDED.

The script is:
code 200
title Sign
find Email
find Password
find Register
# find Forgot

go /Account/Register
title Register



Note that:

 * When the script fails, it does so immediately without delay.

 * If I put in a bad command name like "foobar", twill prints the line
numbers and exception details.

Any suggestions on what might be wrong? Or how to get the erroneous
case to output line numbers and exception details?

I'm running Python 2.5 with twill 0.9 installed via easy_install. For
this project, I'm on Win XP Pro SP2.


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