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Subject: [twill] Twill Scripting Limitations? 

We need to perform a number of synthetic transactions. 

don't know if I just fail at using Twill or what but I'm having a great 
deal of difficulty with the first two pages I'm trying to create 
scripts for. 

Example 1: 
pops up a disclaimer when first visited in a browser. Hit OK to force 
disclaimer to go away. There is a userID field, password field and 
domain selection field with a dropdown of 10 or so domains. There is a 
single submission button on the page. 

Script looks like this: 

fv 3 in_tx_username whoamI 
fv 3 in_pw_userpass idunno! 
fv 3 in_domain DOMAIN 

submitting, another showforms shows you the same forms and you have not 
been forwarded to the "home page" as you would have been forwarded to 
if you'd used a browser. If you try to go - it 
says that you're there but a showforms reveals the same forms on the 
initial page, which are not correct, meaning you haven't 
actually authenticated successfully. 

Example 2: 

synthetic transaction against a Sharepoint page. Upon trying to visit 
the webpage in a browser, you're presented with a Window'd login box. 
Is there any way for twill to actually respond to that? Trying to 
visit the webpage via twill results in a timeout. Perhaps this is where 
the authentication realms come into play but I've not been able to 
succeed in using them. 


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