[twill] Twill not finding input box on page

Jamal Mazrui Jamal.Mazrui at fcc.gov
Thu Nov 19 13:26:11 PST 2009

Thanks, Howard and Pawel, for your responses.  

I tried changing the use_tidy setting, and then tried changing the
use_BeautifulSoup setting as well -- still no luck as per the session

I wonder what is different about your twill installation.  I think I am
using the latest version with Python 2.5 on Windows.  I tried using
id_url with the fv command, but I get an error about that not being

I think the page in question is XHTML rather than HTML in case that
makes a difference.


 -= Welcome to twill! =-
current page:  *empty page*
>> config use_tidy 0
current page:  *empty page*
>> config use_BeautifulSoup 0
current page:  *empty page*
>> go http://fae.cita.illinois.edu/
==> at http://fae.cita.illinois.edu/
current page: http://fae.cita.illinois.edu/
>> showforms
Form #1
## ## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________
1 1 None                     submit submit Evaluate
2 formid                   hidden (None) 1250e4d862070b2c
current page: http://fae.cita.illinois.edu/

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Hi Jamal,

On Thursday November 19, 2009, Jamal Mazrui wrote:

> I want to automate a "functional accessibility evaluation" of a web  
> page using the free service at
> http://fae.cita.illinois.edu/
> Twill is not finding the input box for entering the URL of a page to  
> be evaluated.  For example, the showforms command finds the submit  
> button but not the corresponding input box.

Hmm. It does for me. See below:

current page:  *empty page*
>> go http://fae.cita.illinois.edu
==> at http://fae.cita.illinois.edu
current page: http://fae.cita.illinois.edu
>> showforms

Form #1
## ## __Name__________________ __Type___ __ID________
1     url                      text      id_url       http://
2  1  None                     submit    submit       Evaluate
3     formid                   hidden    (None)       1250dbb30efacd78

current page: http://fae.cita.illinois.edu


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