[twill] non-ascii data?

Chris Abraham cabraham at openplans.org
Thu Mar 12 07:14:23 PDT 2009

I've been wondering about how to set twill variables to non-ascii  
values.  I have just been using just binary representations like:
setglobal event_name    'Flunc Test Party n 日本 N'
setglobal event_name    'Flunc Test Party n \346\227\245\346\234\254 N'
setglobal event_name   u'Flunc Test Party n \u65e5\u672c N'

Doesn't the binary representation leave things open to  
interpretation?  I mean, how does twill know how to decode this  
value?  Does it assume utf-8?  Is there a way to specify what  
encoding a particular value is in?


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