[twill] checking for bad links.

C. Titus Brown ctb at msu.edu
Sun Sep 28 15:50:20 PDT 2008

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 03:53:53PM -0400, Sheryl wrote:
-> > Hellow,
-> >
-> > Just signed up for the list. Newbie at twill. Just want to make sure I'm
-> doing things right here.
-> >
-> > I basically want to automate a script that will traverse my
-> > site/directory and redirect output for bad links on all pages to an
-> error log.
-> Twill is a great tool and all, but why roll your own with twill when there
-> are existing applications like linklint (linklint.org)?

Hi, Sheryl,

I agree completely - twill is aimed at other things!  My personal
experience, however, is that twill is better at authentication and
cookie handling than some of those other tools, so sometime it's the
right choice.

C. Titus Brown, ctb at msu.edu

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