[twill] Running twill on cherrypy3

Robert MannI robmnl at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 21:17:29 PST 2008

Hi!   Titus recommended me this mailing list, mentioning K. McMillan's  
name as a helpful resource.

I am trying to run twill on cherrypy3.

The examples in http://ivory.idyll.org/articles/twill-and-wsgi_intercept.html 
  seem to be for 2x versions of cherrypy, and as I have learned by  
now, cherrypy 3 seems to introduce many changes in the codebase.

Specifically, the following marked line is giving me problems,  
cherryPy3 doesn't seem to be accepting initOnly and server class  
parameters anymore:

> import cherrypy
> from cherrypy.tutorial.tut01_helloworld import HelloWorld
> # set up the root object
> cherrypy.root = HelloWorld()
> # initialize
> cherrypy.server.start(initOnly=True, serverClass=None)     
> <----------     right here
> # get WSGI app.
> from cherrypy._cpwsgi import wsgiApp


How could I get this to work under cherrypy3?

Also, why doesn't the test class in that tutorial inherit anything?    
Shouldn't it inherit from unittest.TestCase?

> class TestHelloWorld:
>   def setUp(self):
>      pass
>   def tearDown(self):
>      pass


Thanks for help.

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