[twill] twill-fork on windows

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Fri Jan 4 01:54:15 PST 2008

-> I'm trying to use twill to test a web app written in asp.net. Everything works fine with twill-sh but twill-fork fails on os.fork which is not available on windows. Is there any workaround to use twill-fork on windows systems or any other means to obtain the same feature?

Hi, Giorgio,

I'm very far away from being a Windows programmer, but I think you could
mimic this with subprocess calls.  I replaced os.fork with a subprocess
call in the function tests/twilltestlib.py:run_server in order to get
the tests to work properly.

I will look into it, but at the moment I'm not working very actively on
twill, and twill-fork is even lower on the totem poll.  Sorry ;(.


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