[twill] "ERROR: not viewing HTML" on formvalue

Adam Seering aseering at MIT.EDU
Sun Aug 10 08:11:20 PDT 2008

	I'm trying to get started using Twill.  The following two-line  
command sequence works just fine for me using Twill installed through  
apt on an Ubuntu Hardy machine; but it fails as shown below on Twill  
installed through easy_install on a Mac running OS X Leopard:

 >> go http://esp.scripts.mit.edu/claroline/
==> at http://esp.scripts.mit.edu/claroline/
current page: http://esp.scripts.mit.edu/claroline/
 >> fv 1 login "test"

ERROR: not viewing HTML

current page: http://esp.scripts.mit.edu/claroline/

	Do you have any tips?  Any idea what's going wrong?


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