[twill] <form> not parsed on Ubuntu 7.10 but works on WinXP

Luis Bruno me at lbruno.org
Thu Nov 22 09:32:58 PST 2007


Arnaud Fontaine wrote:
> I prefer rely  on python-mechanize instead of mechanize in twill source
> code (cleaner  IMHO)

I agree it's cleaner, and it's the ultimate goal -- but these modules
look young and not very stable yet. Got to handle them breaking.

> I didn't notice this bug, sorry, but you should read[0] where the upstream said
> that it should work using python-mechanize.

Well, now we have a functional test :-) Maybe saving a copy of that
webpage and pointing twill at it would be enough.

> I don't manage ubuntu package of twill, only the debian one.

So that's what the Uploader: header means! Got it.

> feel free to open a bug on the Debian BTS and I will work on it ASAP.

No worries, I'll delve into it; I still don't know which module causes
the problem. Gonna do some binsearch on it this weekend.

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