[twill] Bug? in HTTP Basic Authentication Handling

Andrew Smart subscriptions at smart-knowhow.de
Fri Mar 2 11:18:25 PST 2007

> Actually, I suspect that *this* code is the problem:
> twill/_browser.py,
>     def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
>     	...
>         # fix basic auth.
>         self.handler_classes['_basicauth'] = FixedHTTPBasicAuthHandler

I found this lines also, and I tried to comment out this "class overwrite". 
Didn't help either, same behaviour as before. Since the find_user_password
called, but the add_password *is* called I guess the hickup lays somehow in 
the processing of the open-handlers. 

To shorten your debugging: I added debug code to the specialized member
of any of the ...handlers within twill and mechanize. None of the function
there is called while processing, so I guess the handlers aren't called at
Maybe this helps you.

> You did exactly the right thing in trying out the new 
> mechanize code with twill; that helps me nail down the 
> problem.  I'll see what I can do about it this weekend.

Thanks. I'll do anything to sort out this problem. Happy hunting. I saw some

messages regarding http basic auth and twill, maybe my problem is also the 
root of some of problems some people experienced.

You can send me any debugging code next week, I'm willing to try out the
code in
my corporate environment.

Sorry for my non-open-source-mail style today, I'm using my personal mail
with help of a web based mailing software (can't access my POP3 within the 
corporate environment directly) and the web based UI sucks. 


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