[twill] [wwwsearch-general] Fix to BeautifulSoup link parsing

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Mon Jan 29 00:59:49 PST 2007

-> >Thanks Titus / Duncan.  If you have a test case in twill, I'd  
-> >appreciate a pointer to it.
-> Hey John,
-> Good to hear back from you. Here's the page and link where I  
-> originally found the problem:
-> twill-sh
-> >> go http://tinyurl.com/y6vy72'
-> >> find "Origin of Symmetry"
-> current page: ...
-> >> follow "Origin of Symmetry"
-> ERROR: no links match to 'Origin of Symmetry'

John & Duncan,

don't know where this was fixed -- probably in mechanize ;) -- but this
now works properly in the latest distribution of twill.

(who is finally cleaning up some e-mail... ;)

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