[twill] Textaarea field - submit multiple lines.

Mariusz kajko04 at o2.pl
Wed Feb 14 18:40:04 PST 2007

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 02:59 am, Titus Brown wrote:
> Hi, Mariusz,
> if you use twill 0.9a (the very latest) you can do
> 	fv <form> <field> "this\nwill\nbe\nmultiline"
> cheers,
> --titus

Thank you for information.

I am using twill-8.5.

I was looking for version 0.9a,  but unforchunetly I can't find it any where,
at http://twill.idyll.org/ is only link to download version 8.5.
I check develop section and ther also i can't find any link to download 
section. I find only information about version 0.9 and open tickets but not 

Please let me know from where I can download this version.

Thank you for help


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