[twill] check_links

Lars Stavholm stava at telcotec.se
Fri Dec 28 02:12:50 PST 2007

Hi all,

have a problem with check_links.

The following twill script...

add_auth "Linux Addons" http://www.linadd.org test moretest
go http://www.linadd.org
extend_with check_links
check_links www\.linadd\.org

...gives the following result...
(full results at <http://www.linadd.org/wiki/twill#Result-1>)

Could not follow 4 links

Oops!  Twill assertion error on line 3 of 'linadd.org.twill' while executing
  >> check_links www\.linadd\.org
broken links on page

The login link using apache basic auth is dealt with in another thread.

Testing the above reported broken links using...

go http://www.linadd.org/wiki/BluePrint#Monitor
go http://www.linadd.org/wiki/SugarCRM#Synchronization
go http://www.linadd.org/wiki/OTRS#Configuration

...results in...

>> EXECUTING FILE linadd.org-3.twill
AT LINE: linadd.org-3.twill:0
==> at http://www.linadd.org/wiki/BluePrint
AT LINE: linadd.org-3.twill:1
==> at http://www.linadd.org/wiki/SugarCRM
AT LINE: linadd.org-3.twill:2
==> at http://www.linadd.org/wiki/OTRS
1 of 1 files SUCCEEDED.

...and I have no idea why.

Any ideas?

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