[twill] Basic Auth

Lars Stavholm stava at telcotec.se
Fri Dec 28 02:03:18 PST 2007

Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem with twill and apache basic auth.

When running the following twill script...

add_auth "Linux Addons" http://www.linadd.org test moretest
go http://www.linadd.org/login

...I get the following result...

>> EXECUTING FILE linadd.org-2.twill
AT LINE: linadd.org-2.twill:0
Added auth info: realm 'Linux Addons' / URI 'http://www.linadd.org' /
user 'test'
AT LINE: linadd.org-2.twill:1
EXCEPTION raised at line 1 of 'linadd.org-2.twill'
      go http://www.linadd.org/login
Error message: 'global name 'parse_keqv_list' is not defined'
** UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: global name 'parse_keqv_list' is not defined
0 of 1 files SUCCEEDED.

It would appear that I'm missing a definition of parse_keqv_list
in my python installation. I've found python modules using
parse_keqv_list in


...but no definition. I'm using python 2.5 on a SuSE Linux 10.2 box.

Any help appreciated.

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