[twill] posting without a form?

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Sun Dec 2 22:13:20 PST 2007

-> > In urllib/urllib2, if you do a POST you give the body as an argument, 
-> > with urllib.urlencode(form_values) as the body.  form_values can be a 
-> > dict, or better a list of (key, value) tuples.
-> Thanks Ian, I appreciate the tip.  As it happens I did know about doing
-> it that way, and wound up doing just that, but I thought it might be a
-> nice addition to twill given the supereasy twill syntax as compared to
-> the easy urllib/urllib2 syntax!

As the open-source saying goes... "patches are always welcome" ;)

I have a backlog of things I'm doing, of course, and twill is fairly far
down on the list at the moment.  (GHOP, figleaf, and work are all ahead
of it ;(


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